Bella Collina Community Unsafe For Jogging And Walking

Bella Collina community unsafe jogging, walking HOA, POA

Bella Collina POA/HOA association, poor management, broken pavements, unsafe for jogging and walking, dangerous community. Dwight Schar, controls the POA/HOA with rubber stamp board members like Dr. Jeremy Spry and Paul LeBreux.

Unsafe in Bella Collina – risky broken pavements


Based on court filings against Bella Collina & Dwight Schar, hundreds of residents are unhappy, gave up their property, and lost about $500 million. There are hundreds of court cases AGAINST BELLA COLLINA and its HOA & POA.

Bella Collina Homeowners Continue To Lose Their Investments

Bella Collina Is a Scam

Don Juravin: Dwight Schar continues to be responsible for homeowners losing money in Bella Collina when his manager is Paul Simonson and his “enforcer” is Randall Greene.$1 million loss or est 130% of investment lost! $740K > 6 yrs later down to $40K.

Bella Collina home not selling already for more than 800 days

Bella Collina Homes are not selling for more than 800 days

We found home prices in Bella Collina falling as low as $192 sf over the last 10 years. Bella Collina is a ghost town already 18 years with only about 7 to 9 percent real family year round occupancy. There were little sales despite the desperate affords of Randall Greene. Paul Simonson and the owner, Dwight Schar.

$900,000 real estate loss in Bella Collina


The lot bought for $850,900 and sold for $100 after 3 years. Considering the cost of sale, Club dues, HOA, attorney fees and cost of money, I would assume the Bella Collina investor lost $900,000. A couple of years ago, it was sold for $27,500 only.

Bella Collina real estate in trouble, again? falls to $195 sf

Bella Collina Real Estate in Trouble

Don Juravin REVEALS unstable prices in Bella Collina. Bad investment for 500 families who lost $500 million. Dwight Schar, the owner of Bella Collina Florida, is involved in additional businesses like NVR, Inc. (NYSE: NVR) which sells under: Ryan Homes, NVHomes and Heartland Homes brands. It seems like all are under congressional investigation.

Lake Apopka: The New Florida Swampland Scam

Lake Apopka: The New Florida Swampland Scam

There are two ultra luxury communities that are being built on the shores of the so called pristine Lake Apopka, namely Bella Collina and Oakland Park, which I have no idea who is buying these lakefront properties.

It will help housing sales- 3.6% lowest unemployment since 1969

Juravin research Holy land man

A record 103 straight months of job gains and signaling the current economic expansion shows little sign of stalling. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in half a century last month, capping the longest streak of job creation in modern times and dispelling recession fears that haunted Wall Street at the start of the year.