A mother with three daughters formed a nonprofit org to expose the bullying and mafia-like life in Dwight Schar’s controlled Bella Collina community
Don Juravin Fights Bella Collina Gag Order and Wins

Don Karl Juravin Fights Bella Collina Gag Order and Wins

Don Karl Juravin is definitely the inventor of the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE®, a revolutionary, non-surgical weight-loss regimen that allows customers to achieve a healthier weight, without the need of resorting to potentially dangerous surgery. 500,000 persons on social media adhere to Juravin and his life saving invention.

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Bella Collina reviewed

Bella Collina is  a luxurious community located in Orlando, Florida. An Italian styled(Tuscan inspired) community with a private spring-fed lake, golf course, spa and a club. It has about 900 houses and it suppose to be home for the exact same number of families.

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Derivative Action Lawsuit Against Bella Collina POA

Bella Collina homes POA bylaws and restrictions (sued for SCAM) – page 4 of 4

The Board shall adopt a Budget (as defined and provided for in the Declaration) of the anticipated Operating Expenses for each forthcoming calendar year (the fiscal year of the Association being the calendar year) at a special meeting of the Board (“Budget Meeting”) called for that purpose to be held during the month of November of the year preceding the year to which the Budget applies.

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Is Dwight Schar's Bella Collina Team Caught Hiding the Ugly Truth?

Is Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina team caught hiding the ugly truth?

Is NVR Inc. (NYSE: NVR) founder Dwight Schar trying to hide the truth from the public? Does he send out paid minions to do his dirty work for him? Don Juravin, a resident of Bella Collina Florida, is one of the thousands of victims of Dwight Schar’s shady practices according to court filings and congressional investigations. He is personally familiar with Dwight Schar’s tricks. 

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