Bella Collina Community Unsafe For Jogging And Walking

Bella Collina POA/HOA association, poor management, broken pavements, unsafe for jogging and walking, dangerous community. Dwight Schar, controls the POA/HOA with rubber stamp board members like Dr. Jeremy Spry and Paul LeBreux.
Bella Collina community unsafe jogging, walking HOA, POA

Bella Collina community can be 50 min drive from Orlando. Not much to do in the area. One might think that you can at least do jugging. Well, it’s not so safe in Bella Collina as you can see from the pictures. Spencer Schar the manager simply doesn’t care. His father, Dwight Schar, controls the HOA with rubber stamp board members like Dr. Jeremy Spry and Paul LeBreux. See for yourself:

We as residents, pay almost $10,000 a year for various costs, dues, and memberships. The HOA doesn’t care because the controller of Bella Collina is Dwight Schar who is controlling the HOA & POA. Residents call is trashy Bella Collina.

Bella Collina JINXED with BAD LUCK

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  1. Yes, we can see clearly in the picture that it is unsafe for jogging and walking. There is no proper track on which such activities can be performed.

  2. There is a lack of basic facilities. The management charges the residents for different things. Still, the management does not provide basic facilities. Corruption is at its peak.

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