Dwight Schar Opposes Black Lives Matter Sign In His Bella Collina

Dwight Schar Opposes Black Lives Matter Sign In His Bella Collina

Dwight Schar is the owner and the person in control of Bella Collina, according to now-deleted statements made on the Bella Collina website and Facebook page. He decides who will be in the POA, and an established rumor says that he is also aware of everything that is going on in the community, according to Don Juravin, a resident of Bella Collina.

Is Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina team caught hiding the ugly truth?

Is Dwight Schar's Bella Collina Team Caught Hiding the Ugly Truth?

Is NVR Inc. (NYSE: NVR) founder Dwight Schar trying to hide the truth from the public? Does he send out paid minions to do his dirty work for him? Don Juravin, a resident of Bella Collina Florida, is one of the thousands of victims of Dwight Schar’s shady practices according to court filings and congressional investigations. He is personally familiar with Dwight Schar’s tricks. 

Dwight Schar, Bella Collina, Paul Simonson, Randall Greene, and failed businesses accused of fraud


According to Don Juravin, resident of Bella Collina, the community is a mess and Bella Collina Real Estate is only aimlessly pushing aggressive sales. Dwight Schar placed Paul Simonson in charge, who chose Randall Greene to do the dirty work against residents that dare to stand up for their rights. The results: Bella Collina is a failed community. If that is not enough, Dwight Schar placed his son, young Spencer Schar, who has no real experience, as a manager. 

Is Dwight Schar, accused of extortion in court, using Dr.Jeremy spry as a rubber stamp?


Dr Jeremy Spry is being sued for mismanagement of funds. Dr Jeremy Spry is an emergency medicine physician at UF Health The Villages Hospital and was probably appointed by one of Dwight Schar’s people as a rubber stamp as if Bella Collina HOA is “kosher”. In the last POA Jeremy Spry was seating helplessly not saying even a word and basically functioning as a rubber stamp.

Spencer Schar, who assaulted women, is now Bella Collina manager

BELLA COLLINA Manager Spencer Schar Assaulted 2 Women

Violence at an off-campus party last fall prompted investigations by both town police and the Office of Student Conduct, leading to unequal suspensions for two Elon University students and raising concerns among victims and witnesses about the sanctions the university levied.

“Dwight Schar, please read this letter”, asks Anna Juravin

Dwight Schar STOP the harassment against my family demands Anna and Don Juravin

My children, the lights of my life, no longer live carefree and happy lives. They feel scared because of the actions of your men. Paul Simonson, the man you put in charge of Bella Collina, Randall Greene, the head of the POA, who worked here, have all darkened our doorstep with their fear-mongering.