Dwight Schar’s thug, Randall Greene, continue to harass the Juravin family

Greene wildly honked his horn when he passed by the Juravin family house in the neighborhood. The horn was not meant to be friendly but instead was meant to draw attention and chest-thump like a chimpanzee, warn presence, and assert dominance like a wild chimpanzee male.
Jungle Behavior in Bella Collina by Randall Greene employed by Dwight Schar

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Dwight Schar's Thug, Randall Greene, Continues To Harass The Juravin Family in Bella Collina
Jungle Behavior In Bella Collina Randall Greene
Jungle Behavior in Bella Collina by Randall Greene, employed by Randall Greene

UPDATE: The abuse continues and Dwight Schar still employs Randall Greene.

Randall (Franklin) Greene is a failed real estate man and an employee of Dwight Schar and his DCS real estate Investments company. 

Randall Greene was observed driving recklessly in Bella Collina at about 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec 4, in his older white small BMW. Greene wildly honked his horn when he passed by the Juravin family house in the neighborhood. The horn was not meant to be friendly but instead was meant to draw attention and chest-thump like a chimpanzee, warn presence, and assert dominance like a wild chimpanzee male. The drive-by and loud use of a car horn is also an action that might be attributed to an Italian mafioso from the movies trying to scare or shakedown someone. Juravin mentioned that Randall F Greene used vile anti-Semitic slurs in the past but didn’t provide further details.

Bella Collina Feels Dangerous Under These Circumstances

This flagrant breach of the law is ridiculous coming from someone who was appointed head of the HOA by Dwight Schar. In the mafia movies, the mafioso doesn’t care about the law because he is protected by the Godfather. 

Randall Greene doesn’t seem to care about the safety of Bella Collina residents, perhaps because he is actually acting for the big boss Dwight Schar. Or maybe that’s what the big boss wants him to do, to show dominance in the neighborhood. Either way, Bella Collina feels like a dangerous place to live in, under the current circumstances. 

Randall Green is employed by Dwight Schar and managed closely by Paul Simonson, Dwight Schar’s CPA. Mr Green’s harassment was done while overspeeding at about 50 mph in a 25 mph neighborhood zone, thereby risking residents’ lives. Dwight Schar‘s employees would not do anything without their boss’s approval, consent, or an “unspoken directive.” No Bella Collina employee would go against the will of the Godfather, Dwight Schar. Don Juravin, Anna Juravin, and their young daughters can only assume that such mafioso behavior from Randall Franklin Greene was approved by the big boss Dwight Schar, via his manager Paul Simonson.

Thug honks to intimidate residents in Bella Collina
Thug behavior in Bella Collina by Randall Greene, employed by Dwight Schar

Bad Choice For Bella Collina and Dwight Schar

Randall Greene presents himself as a Dwight Schar manager, doing work for Dwight Schar directly or being employed by Dwight Schar. Dwight Schar is fully aware that Randall Greene has been accused on several occasions of exhibiting thug-like behavior. Dwight Schar’s continued association with Randall Greene, his presence in Bella Collina, and Greene’s ongoing behavior can be seen as a silent approval from Dwight Schar.  

That will not be the first time that Randall Greene, arrested for domestic battery, harasses and intimidates homeowners in Bella Collina. Speeding and the horn were used when passing by the Juravin house several times before. 


Randall F. Greene took over the Bella Collina POA as a henchman of Dwight Schar, was accused of fraudulent real estate transactions. Randall Greene ended up owning a house that he didn’t pay for. Though court filings don’t point to him entirely stealing or robbing the property, it seems like Judge Mark Hill in Florida found the POA president Randall Greene was abusing allegedly his position. 

One can view Randall Greene’s fraudulent behavior as in Florida Case No. 2012-CA-002916. One could also consider his seizing a house in Bella Collina, owned by DCS Investments, a business of Dwight Schar, founder of NVR, Inc (NYSE: NVR), as illegal. 

A lawsuit was filed against Randall Greene and Christina Greene by Jordan and Maya Rupert, homeowners who lived in Bella Collina. Judge Mark Hill ordered Greene and his wife to vacate the home they had seized from the Ruperts and return the property to them. 

The lawsuit mandated that Randall Greene and Christina Greene “vacate the premises.” Previously, the Ruperts had hired William Boylan to purchase the house for them.  The buyer placed the house in his wife’s name, and then Randall Greene illegally deposed the buyer and took possession of the house, even though the Ruperts had paid for it. 

Of course, after the judge ordered Randall Greene to vacate the house and clean it up, DCS Capital Investments, LLC, sued the Ruperts for unpaid fees to the Clubhouse. All the while, Randall Greene did not pay the fees while he seems to illegally hold the deed to the Ruperts’ home.


ABC News and investigative journalist Steve Barrett investigated harassment and intimidation claimed against Bella Collina and its POA chairman Randall Greene. A video interview with Don Juravin revealed that wires had been cut, and vandalism had been done to the family’s home in retaliation for the complaints made about how the community was run. 

“Before I even reached out to Bella Collina,” said Barrett, “they reached out to me mysteriously.” After Barrett shot an interview with Don Juravin, he was told that Juravin could not speak about Bella Collina on the internet. However, Barrett said that the injunctions said nothing about television, so the attempted interference was pointless. “It is still a mystery how they found out that I had been at Don Juravin’s house.

”Randall Greene, representing Dwight Schar, has tried to discourage Don Juravin for standing up for his rights. He implied that Don Juravin should give up since the billionaire Dwight Schar has “lots of money” regardless of justice. “We have a lot of money and credibility, and those are two things you don’t have, with anyone,” said Randall Greene to Don Juravin over a text message.

Bella Collina is Under Investigation!


Randall Greene took over the Bella Collina POA in 2012, when DCS Capital Investments LLC, a company belonging to Dwight Schar, purchased Bella Collina.

Meanwhile, another resident of Bella Collina sought an injunction from Florida against Randall Greene for stalking him and his family. Don Juravin, an entrepreneur, filed an injunction to protect his family from Randall F. Greene stalking the family. Greene was accused of “previously threatened, harassed, stalked, cyberstalked, or physically abused the Petitioner.” 

Don Juravin, Anna Juravin and three children constantly feel harassed and threatened in Bella Collina, an activity led by Randall Greene. Their house was vandalized multiple times, and Don Juravin and his wife were spammed by anonymous calls and texts threatening them.

Randall Greene Would Not Act Without Dwight Schar’s Permission 

Dwight Schar is the owner and the person in control of Bella Collina, according to now-deleted statements made on the Bella Collina website and Facebook page. He decides who will be in the POA, and an established rumor says that he is also aware of everything that is going on in the community, according to Don Juravin, a resident of Bella Collina. And yet, Dwight Schar hides his responsibility for the community, by creating layers of companies and bureaucracies.

Dwight Schar pays everyone’s salary. His employees do their work on company time. So Schar’s payroll is funding any sort of harassment received by the Juravins, their children, and their pets. 

Randall Greene’s Disregard for the Law?

Is C0PB8T, which would translate as “cop bait,” a way of disrespecting law enforcement? Randall Greene, who has been arrested for domestic battery, seems to brag about his poor relationship with the law in an unprofessional manner. Urban Dictionary defines the phrase “cop bait” as “When ridin dirty, the car in front of you speeding faster than you, so you won’t get caught first.” 

Previously, according to his own testimony in court, Randall Greene was the Senior Vice President of Finance for Catalfumo Construction and Developments. 

Dan Catalfumo, the founder of Catalfumo Construction, was accused in court of “fraudulent transactions” when he tried to stash $64 million away instead of paying his debts. According to his own testimony, Randall Greene, while he worked for Catalfumo, “I invested all of their money, I handled their partnerships, I approved acquisitions for property developments by the company, I reported directly to the CEO.”

So did Randall Greene know about Catalfumo’s “fraudulent transactions?” 

Randall Greene’s Catalfumo ended up being sued by creditors for $100 million. When Randall Greene left, however, he was not affected by the trouble that afflicted his employer of over 22 years. Instead, he moved on to work for Bella Collina and Dwight Schar, appointing himself the head of Bella Collina POA. According to Randall Greene’s own testimony, the business that he had developed while working for Catalfumo, RG Developments, now allied with DCS Capital Investments. 

Residents Of Bella Collina Seem Unhappy


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  1. I’m at a loss for words! Regardless, they don’t respond to anybody and act as if nothing is wrong. I’m talking about Dwight Schar, who profits from these people!!! Isn’t it hilarious? How can you watch your employees terrorize and harass the locals? I’m glad to inform you that this family lifted their voice!

  2. Dwight Schar placed Paul Simonson in charge, who chose Randall Greene to do the dirty work against residents that dare to stand up for their rights. The results: Bella Collina is a failed community.

  3. It is unethical behaviour of Dwight Schar that he is harassing the Juravin family. It shows what type of mentality do they have. It is such terrible behaviour. It is not right to show dominance by harassing someone.

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