Randall Greene was sued for fraudulent real estate in Bella Collina Florida


Plaintiffs, Jordan Rupert and Myra Rupert (“Plaintiffs”), sue Defendants· Alfresco Acquisitions, LLC (“Alfresco”), Bella Collina Property Owners Association, Inc. (“Bella Collina POA”), Randall F. Greene (“Randall Greene”), Christina M. Greene (“Christina Greene”), and DCS Capital Investments, LLC (“DCS”) (collectively “Defendants”), and allege:

Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round

Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round

Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round 24/7/365 and worse during weekdays when workers’ cars are everywhere and on the lawn. Not luxury. Maintenance guy Randall Greene is FAILING.

Ghost town Bella Collina, Florida

Bella Collina A GHOST TOWN

Now it’s already 17 years and Bella Collina is still a GHOST TOWN regardless of the tremendous and even pathetic efforts of Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson. Only about 4 new house sales this year out of about 800 available lots. Residents continue to complain of intimidation and harassment.

Scary investment in Bella Collina homes or condos


On June 25th Zillow estimated my house at $2,131,420 and ONE MONTH later, on July 23, Zillow estimated my house at $1,977,677. That’s almost $154,000 price drop which is 7.2% loss. SCARY. Resident Don Juravin review

Siena at Bella Collina condos – ugly looking?

Siena Bella Collina UGLY

Siena at Bella Collina is described by the media and others as “UGLY looking” and “out of place.” I have to agree. I can’t see who would want to pay money to buy a condo and live a hotel that hosts load drunk wedding partying people.

Siena at Bella Collina first real pictures

Siena at Bella Collina First REAL pictures

Seems like another Bella Collina venture that will be accused of SCAM and FRAUD and join the 500 to 700 lawsuits that Richard Arrighi, Dwight Schar, Paul Simonson, and the maintenance guy Randall Greene were involved in.

Siena At Bella Collina Tour

Siena Bella Collina UGLY

This is a nonprofit service by Don Juravin PROTECTING homeowners with facts and “food for thought”. It could have saved hundreds of millions to hundreds of families who lost their money in Bella Collina.

Bella Collina homes POA bylaws and restrictions (sued for SCAM) – page 4 of 4

Derivative Action Lawsuit Against Bella Collina POA

The Board shall adopt a Budget (as defined and provided for in the Declaration) of the anticipated Operating Expenses for each forthcoming calendar year (the fiscal year of the Association being the calendar year) at a special meeting of the Board (“Budget Meeting”) called for that purpose to be held during the month of November of the year preceding the year to which the Budget applies.

Bella Collina residents accuse Randall Greene of stalking

Bella Collina is Jinxed with bad luck

Don Karl Juravin and family feel harassed and intimidated by Randall Greene. They asked the court for an injunctive order against Randall Greene, Bella Collina POA’s president, and Dwight Schar’s company employee (DCS Investment Holdings and others).

Bella Collina Alleged Home Sales Fraud

Florida law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against the former developer, alleging it “engaged in a massive real estate and mortgage fraud involving fraudulent real estate appraisals throughout Florida.”