Don Juravin is regarded as a hero in his fight against Dwight Schar

One of the many claims that Don Juravin, an inventor and researcher, has made about Bella Collina is that it is a “ghost town.” In fact, he has said this so much that Bella Collina’s corrupt staff has accused him of defaming the neighborhood with this term. 
Bella Collina Is a Scam


Bella Collina is Trashy

One of the many claims that Don Juravin, an inventor and researcher, has made about Bella Collina is that it is a “ghost town.” In fact, he has said this so much that Bella Collina’s corrupt staff has accused him of defaming the neighborhood with this term. 

However, is Bella Collina, a gated community in central Florida, a ghost town? According to Mr. Juravin, there are over 900 lots in Bella Collina. However, only 70 of those lots are filled. That’s less than 10 percent residency in a gated community noted for luxury and convenience. 

Could it be that Bella Collina is unable to attract potential customers because something is wrong? 

Mr. Juravin reviews, “Almost all week long you can see trash on Bella Collina’s streets. No one really cares here. It seems like the only thing Dwight Schar cares about is sales.” 

Dwight Schar is a billionaire, a former RNC chairman, a minority owner of the Redskins, and an owner of Bella Collina. One would think that a businessman with such a high reputation and very little drama surrounding his name would be able to provide a high quality, luxury community and stay true to the advertising. However, apparently, this is not the case. 

Bella Collina has 70 homeowners. That would not be terrible if the neighborhood was only beginning. But Bella Collina has been around for 17 years. The community was started in 2002. For a neighborhood that offers a golf course, a club, and such luxury, why isn’t it popular? How come Bella Collina cannot gain more than 10% capacity? 

Perhaps the hundreds of lawsuits inflicted on homeowners by the POA have something to do with it. Over 500 lawsuits have been filed involving Bella Collina. The lawsuits against the staff have accusations ranging from harassment to racketeering to fraud. 

Using Dwight Schar’s massive attorney army, the staff at Bella Collina have fired back with a few lawsuits of their own. They have targeted and abused homeowners, charging with property violations even before notifying the homeowners of lawsuits. They have endangered families and children with their desperate attempts at retaliation. 

HOAs and POAs are notorious in the news for being unfair and for scheming to sue homeowners. Don Juravin has battled with this particular POA for more than four years. The difference between Bella Collina’s POA and any normal neighborhood is that Bella Collina is in fact, a ghost town. 

The POA has many slots for homeowner representation. However, in a neighborhood that has 900 lots but only 70 homeowners, the property managers are kings. Therefore, when Don Juravin penned his one negative review of Bella Collina, revenge was swift and sudden. 

He was sued several times. The Bella Collina staff was so eager to harass Mr. Juravin and his family that they sued him before even notifying him that he had supposedly violated the POA terms. They banned him and his children from using the property club. 

Four years later, they refuse to leave him and his family alone. 

Would you move to Bella Collina if you knew this was what was happening?


HOAs are difficult to deal with. Thousands of homeowners are currently battling their HOAs in court. 

Homeowners’ Associations tend to slap ridiculous rules and regulations on the people who have agreed to follow the HOA rules. 

But what happens when the HOA’s community is owned by a powerful billionaire and his henchmen? 

Dwight Schar and his company, DCS Investments, control the Florida community Bella Collina. The neighborhood’s HOA supposedly is run by the homeowners, but because of the lack of homeowners, DCS Investments and its employees run the show. 

Don Juravin, a man who wants other people to know the truth about Bella Collina, started a website and wrote honest reviews. He and his family had been persecuted by Bella Collina’s staff after trying to get the neighborhood to fix its problems. 

After several lawsuits, Bella Collina’s attorneys, on the payroll of DCS Investments, sent a letter threatening WordPress if they did not censor or ban Don Juravin’s honest WordPress website. 

Facts from these sites reveal: 

  • Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina is a failure with the facts provided.
  • Spencer Schar was arrested and accused of assaulting two women.
  • There are portapotties on the streets of Bella Collina and other pictures over four years that demonstrate a trashy environment in Bella Collina with what Juravin describes, “management that doesn’t care but for sales”. 
  • The Club is actually a wedding venue more than serving the community. Residents can be trapped into lifetime agreement of up to $80,000 down payment and $10,000 a year.
  • The Bella Collina houses are very close together. There is little privacy afforded to those living in the community. 

Bella Collina was a bad investment for hundreds of families and the majority of homebuyers who lost hundreds of millions.  Juravin provides an illustration called “scary investment in Bella Collina” based on Zillow showing a regular house value dropping 7.2% in one month in Bella Collina.

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13 Responses

  1. It is a ghost town. I went several times to play some golf and I barely saw people. It is a huge place but it is empty.

  2. Bella Collina is a ghost town. I remember seeing Don Juravin on the news when he told the reporter that the place existed for more than 15 years, but there were barely any residents. Once at a wedding, I was at Bella Collina and the next day we went on a little trip around it. He was right, there were barely any residents living in Bella Collina. All the lots were empty. After so many years?

  3. I don’t think Don Juravin is lying, in fact I read his story and I have read lots of bad things about Bella Collina. I know that people had big problems with selling their houses.

  4. First it doesn’t have a proper management, second they want to sell but they don’t do anything about it and third it is too far from Orlando, so they need to provide something really eye catching in order to attract customers.

  5. I was 3-4 times with my pals to play some golf and there was only one guard at the gate and a few construction workers here and there. The place looked creepy. I always knew that something is not right with this place. It was strange. I searched on YouTube about it and I found this

  6. My sister was interested in buying a condo 3 years ago. She was so into buying a house in Bella Collina, that I think it was her biggest wish so far. They went with my brother-in-law to look up for houses and most possibly to buy one. When they came back, they were so disappointed. They said that the sales department pushed them so much, they started believing that something is not right. So it turned out, that they were right. It looks like they are pushing the sales so much, because they are not selling at all! So when someone says to you that their product is selling like crazy, don’t believe them, like my sister did. First do a little bit of a research, ask people, ask someone with experience or at least Google it.

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