A resident mother with three daughters formed a nonprofit org to expose the bullying and mafia-like life in Dwight Schar’s controlled Bella Collina community
This nonprofit was founded by a mother and her 3 daughters to inform the public about the harassment, bullying, and intimidation against mothers, kids, and families in communities.
Our nonprofit organization 501(c)3 aims to investigate, research, and inform the public of scams, corruption, wrongdoings, and unethical conduct of individuals or companies. The final decision is made by the consumer. We fight for justice, real democracy, and social equality by way of media exposure. The final vote is made by each citizen. We empower consumers and citizens with knowledge.
This site focuses on educating & protecting homeowners against harassment of families by POA, HOA, or developers. We share experiences, educate of legal rights and publicly expose their acts, and of those that they employ to carry possible unlawful or unethical acts.

Nonprofit 501c3 org exposing the truth to inform and protect homeowners.


Bella Collina is Jinxed - Real Experience by Real Residents

Our non profit organization 501(c)3 aims to investigate, research and inform the public of scams, corruptions, wrong doings and unethical acts. Fight for justice, real democracy, and social equality by way of media exposure.



Protecting Homeowners – Activist

One way of helping the people is by protecting the homeowners by reviewing companies and communities like Bella Collina in Orlando, Florida, and setting a warning sign to potential buyers about the risks of making an investment and losing millions of dollars.

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Randall Greene was Accused of Stealing Bella Collina House

Randall Greene lot 383

In September, 2011 Bill Boylan (Alfreso Acquisitions) acting as a realtor, purchased a home on lot 383 for the Ruperts (cash) but put the title in Bill Boylans name and promptly moved in. Ruperts file a lawsuit against Bill Boylan to get possession of house

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