Bella Collina Community Unsafe For Jogging And Walking

Bella Collina community unsafe jogging, walking HOA, POA

Bella Collina POA/HOA association, poor management, broken pavements, unsafe for jogging and walking, dangerous community. Dwight Schar, controls the POA/HOA with rubber stamp board members like Dr. Jeremy Spry and Paul LeBreux.

Siena at Bella Collina condos – ugly looking?

Siena Bella Collina UGLY

Siena at Bella Collina is described by the media and others as “UGLY looking” and “out of place.” I have to agree. I can’t see who would want to pay money to buy a condo and live a hotel that hosts load drunk wedding partying people.

My Bella Collina Home Lost 7.2% In One Month

Bella Collina Lots Seem to Lose $5 million in Bad Real Estate Investment

On June 25th Zillow estimated my house at $2,131,420 and ONE MONTH later, on July 23, Zillow estimated my house at $1,977,677. That’s almost $154,000 price drop which is 7.2% loss. SCARY.