DCS Real Estate Investments LLC vs Bella Collina Events LLC

DCS Real Estate Investment, LLC vs Bella Collina Events, LLC

Bella Collina sued: wedding, untargeted negligence, trademark violation, confusion to attract DCS’s potential customers, pecuniary gain, misappropriate his name and reputation, engaged in a scheme, extorting money, harm, intentional tort cases

Federal Class Action Against Bella Collina – amended (page 4 of 4)

Randall Greene was Accused of Stealing Bella Collina House

The second prong of Rule 23(b)(3) requires Plaintiffs to show that “a class action is superior to other available methods fairly and efficiently adjudicating the controversy.” Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(b)(3). For this prong, the focus ‘is not on the convenience or burden of a class action suit per

Federal Class Action Against Bella Collina – amended (page 2 of 4)

Randall Greene was Accused of Stealing Bella Collina House

The two class definitions pled by Plaintiffs are sufficiently tailored to identify prospective class members without need for any individualized determinations to determine membership beyond certification that that the individual is or was a property owner in Bella Collina on the defined dates. This certification can be easily obtained by referencing public records.

Randall Greene lot 383

Randall Greene was Accused of Stealing Bella Collina House

In September, 2011 Bill Boylan (Alfreso Acquisitions) acting as a realtor, purchased a home on lot 383 for the Ruperts (cash) but put the title in Bill Boylans name and promptly moved in. Ruperts file a lawsuit against Bill Boylan to get possession of house

Bella Collina Residents Against Dwight Schar

Derivation Action lawsuit Against Bella Collina POA

Before the Court is Defendants Bella Collina Towers, LLC, DCS Real Estate Investments, LLC, and DCS Real Estate Investments II, LLC,’s (collectively “DCS”) request for attorney’s fees relating to Plaintiff CS Business Systems, Inc.’s inadequate discovery responses.

Plaintiffs’ amended motion for class certification and supporting memorandum

Derivative action lawsuit against Bella Collina

 Plaintiffs, CS Business Systems, Inc., James L. Shelton, Virginia Shelton, Brad Heckenberg, and Lana Heckenberg (collectively “Plaintiffs”), by and through the undersigned, pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 23, move for class certification of the instant proceeding, basing their Amended Motion on the facts and authorities set forth in the following memorandum of law, incorporated fully herein.