Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round

Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round

Ugly toilets on Bella Collina streets year-round 24/7/365 and worse during weekdays when workers’ cars are everywhere and on the lawn. Not luxury. Maintenance guy Randall Greene is FAILING.

Scary investment in Bella Collina homes or condos


On June 25th Zillow estimated my house at $2,131,420 and ONE MONTH later, on July 23, Zillow estimated my house at $1,977,677. That’s almost $154,000 price drop which is 7.2% loss. SCARY. Resident Don Juravin review

Siena at Bella Collina condos – ugly looking?

Siena Bella Collina UGLY

Siena at Bella Collina is described by the media and others as “UGLY looking” and “out of place.” I have to agree. I can’t see who would want to pay money to buy a condo and live a hotel that hosts load drunk wedding partying people.

It will help housing sales- 3.6% lowest unemployment since 1969

Juravin research Holy land man

A record 103 straight months of job gains and signaling the current economic expansion shows little sign of stalling. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in half a century last month, capping the longest streak of job creation in modern times and dispelling recession fears that haunted Wall Street at the start of the year.

Bella Collina homes privacy review (Don Juravin)

Don Juravin review of Bella Collina NO PRIVACY homes

This is how close Bella Collina homes are designed. Even if there an empty lot next door, it will be built like this. Not only you can look into each other’s windows, but you can hear the neighbors talking, arguing or fighting. Even romantic moments you don’t want to share with your neighbors… on the LEFT and on the RIGHT.

Bella Collina reviewed


Bella Collina is  a luxurious community located in Orlando, Florida. An Italian styled(Tuscan inspired) community with a private spring-fed lake, golf course, spa and a club. It has about 900 houses and it suppose to be home for the exact same number of families.