Ghost town Bella Collina, Florida

Bella Collina A GHOST TOWN

Now it’s already 17 years and Bella Collina is still a GHOST TOWN regardless of the tremendous and even pathetic efforts of Dwight Schar and Paul Simonson. Only about 4 new house sales this year out of about 800 available lots. Residents continue to complain of intimidation and harassment.

$900,000 real estate loss in Bella Collina


The lot bought for $850,900 and sold for $100 after 3 years. Considering the cost of sale, Club dues, HOA, attorney fees and cost of money, I would assume the Bella Collina investor lost $900,000. A couple of years ago, it was sold for $27,500 only.

Bella Collina home not selling already for more than 800 days

Bella Collina Homes are not selling for more than 800 days

We found home prices in Bella Collina falling as low as $192 sf over the last 10 years. Bella Collina is a ghost town already 18 years with only about 7 to 9 percent real family year round occupancy. There were little sales despite the desperate affords of Randall Greene. Paul Simonson and the owner, Dwight Schar.

Bella Collina residents accuse Randall Greene of stalking

Bella Collina is Jinxed with bad luck

Don Karl Juravin and family feel harassed and intimidated by Randall Greene. They asked the court for an injunctive order against Randall Greene, Bella Collina POA’s president, and Dwight Schar’s company employee (DCS Investment Holdings and others).

Is Bella Collina A Scam?


A scam is when a consumer or homeowner did not receive what he anticipated or expected. The disappointment can be defined as a scam. For the purposes of this analysis, Bella Collina real estate losses in the community (central Florida), bad returns on investments, short-term residence in Bella Collina, disappointments from the club, or from anything promised or refusal to pay the fees, and dumping the investment can be perceived as a scam by homeowners.

Bella Collina resident Don Juravin filed protective injunction against Randall Greene


Randall Greene took over Bella Collina, ran afoul of many of the residents in the Florida community. Residents have accused Randall Greene of stealing a house, of mismanaging the Bella Collina Community, and even of stalking their families. If all that isn’t enough, Randall Greene is accused by residents for harassment and intimidation.

Don Karl Juravin Fights Bella Collina Gag Order and Wins

Don Juravin Fights Bella Collina Gag Order and Wins

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